Ernest Hathaway

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Management team

With a combined 35 years within the investment management, accounting and software engineering, you can rely on us to identify the perfect candidates, with full discretion, both efficiently and seamlessly to exceed your expectations.



NiK kassis

managing Director

Nik has over 12 years experience working within Financial Services, within investment management for both banks and hedge funds. 

Key Influencer: Warren Buffett


Aggelos MoKAs

Head of operations

With 15 years in the private and public sector, including experience within the pharmaceutical and Government research areas, Aggelos makes sure the wheels turn smoothly across all areas.

Key Influencer: Richard Branson

Ason front.jpg

ason matthews


Ason has over 10 years within front end and full stack development working at the worlds largest Media Agency and a number of enterprise solution businesses

Key Influencer: Jeff Bezos



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Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful
— Jeff Bezos